Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Short Play Sunday #3: Strings

Setting: An empty stage.  A black floor.  Nothing occupies the floor space.  From the ceiling hangs thousands upon thousands of strings, ribbons, yarns, fibers, ropes, etc.  No two the same.  The lines run up so far into the ceiling you cannot see their origin.  All the lines end just a few feet above head-height.  All should be able to be reached with a stool, or long rach by a tall individual.

Scene 1:
A woman walks in, a stool in hand.  She approaches a frayed and stained white roap, obviously aged.  She sets her stool down, steps up, reaches, and pulls the rope.  The lights flicker.  One spot light shines down through the lines. She releases the rope and walks into the light as an old, rugged man using a walking stick he found on the beachfront hobbles into the light to meet her.

FATHER: Be a kind person and the world will be kind to you.  Take advantage of your beauty.  Let it get your foot in the door, but rely on your heart to make a lasting impression.  You're a smart girl with a good conscience.  Use that head of yours to get you places.  I've never doubted for a second you would make me proud.

The lights flicker as the woman begins to panick, she reaches for her father as he slowly walks out of the light and off stage.  she sits alone on the ground as the light return to their original setting, the strings hanging above her head.

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